BasicEparts is a unique distributor with thousands of items in stock.
We stock Electronic Components, Electrical parts, and Industrial items.
34,000 square foot warehouse in Vermont.

  • Franchised lines with Certificates of Compliance and full traceability.
  • BasicEparts buys and stocks New "obsolete" parts for Electric Generating Utilities
  • BasicEparts is the best choice for fast skilled repair work on a variety of industrial equipment.


We 've got a huge stock of Electrical Parts, Electronic Parts, Equipment and Components.

Buy new parts

Passives, Electro-Mechanicals, Actives, Obsolete New Parts, Military Spec Parts, Wire-and-Cable.


Make basicEparts Your one-stop-shop for custom cable & harness manufacture and assembly - BasicEparts will build your cable or harness assembly to your specifications.

Asset Recovery

If you have NEW parts that you will no longer need for production or in your parts room, make a list. We'll buy it outright for cash.