If you have NEW parts that you will no longer need for production or in your parts room, make a list on excel and attach it to an email to: Charles@basicEparts.com. We'll buy it outright for cash.

How much ?

We aim to give you the maximum recovered dollars on your inventory. If you prefer take the product physically on consignment. We will send you monthly reports of what has sold and of your 70% share ! In other words, if we sell your product for $10,000, you will get a check for $7000. Simple.

By providing computerized tracking of your consigned inventory, we can increase your asset recovery. You can establish acceptable percentage recoveries and be assured of prompt payment with a time line defined buyout pre-assigned by agreement with basicEparts.

What will we buy ?

Capacitors, Semiconductors, Valves, Test Equipment, Wire, Connectors, Power Supplies... Anything in Newark's catalog and more !

How will we help you ?

We'll arrange for our trucks to go anywhere in the USA to pick up your product. We'll even sweep out your warehouse !

If you have only one or two items to liquidate, call us ! 802-425-5800, ask for Charles Kellner, Director of Purchasing.